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Shea Butter Product

Facts Of Shea

During the annual harvest, 1 in 3 shea trees will actually bear fruit that can be processed for shea butter

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Lynhurst Body Products, LLC

I have used shea butter in various lotions and soaps for years. It was not until I moved to Michigan that I was introduced to raw, unrefined shea butter.  As I used the product, I noticed my skin became softer and smoother with each application.  When I moved back home to Atlanta, GA, I decided that this is a product that everyone could benefit from its use.  I began to research the market for wholesale distributers when I came across The American Shea Butter Institute.  It was highly recommended that I become a Certified Shea Technician and learn the difference between "good shea butter" and "bad shea butter."  It was here I learned about "The 21 Reasons To Use Shea Butter."  Most importantly, I learned that there was a huge difference between the shea butter I was previously using and Certified Grade A shea butter. 

The main difference was that shea butter has both moisturizing and healing properties, and that it's the healing properties that are compromised by poor processing techniques, storage, handling, exposure or introduction of contaminates.  In most cases, the trusting public has no clue as to the condition or grade of shea butter when purchasing from most vendors.  Unless the shea is lab tested, Certified Grade A Shea, there is no guarantee that it contains the necessary phytonutrients and vitamins essential for healthy skin.   It is the healing properties that help rejuvenate, revitalize or repair the skin.  For these reasons, I formed Lynhurst Body Products, LLC providing Lab Certified Grade A Shea Butter, as well as educating consumers on its benefits.

Howard A. Griffin, Jr.
Certified Shea Technician, ASBI


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