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Shea Butter Product

Fact of Shea

There are three methods of extracting shea oil from the shea nut:

                 1.  Hexan or Chemical Method
                 2.  Cold Press Method
                 3.  Traditional Method (Preferable)

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American Shea Butter Institute

American Shea Butter InstituteIn the late 90’s, Dr. Samuel Hunter, recognized the failure to get consistent healing results from various imported shea butters which lead to the founding of the American Shea Butter Institute (ASBI) in December 2001.  While on a seven country tour of West Africa’s Shea region, Dr. Samuel Hunter learned that there were many variations in the traditional method for processing Shea Butter. These varitations could occur from village to village, country to country or region to region. To that end, The ASBI made the commitment to develop criteria to normalize Shea Butter of varying quality or composition. Through biochemical analysis the ASBI has developed criteria for a classification system that may be used to compare or differentiate one batch of Shea Butter from another.  The ASBI believes the classification of various Shea Butter, based on a set of strict guidelines, is good for the industry. Most importantly, the classification of various Shea Butter is priceless for the consumer.

Lynhurst Body Products, LLC works closely with The American Shea Butter Institute to ensure that twenty21one is the highest grade, highest quality Shea Butter available for our customers. As part of my certification as a Certified Shea Technican, I am required to only deal with distributors whose shea butter has been certified to be Grade A Premium Shea Butter.  We also believe that it is very important to educate the consumer on the benefits of using ceritified Grade A shea butter. 

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