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Shea Butter Product

Fact of Shea

Soaps and shampoos can remove sebaceous oils from the scalp.  Certified Grade A Shea Butter helps to promote a healthy scalp.  A healthy scalp produces the sebaceous oils necessary for healthy hair.

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Rwandan Peace Baskets

Peace BasketsThe Rwandan Peace Basket is not only a beautiful example of African art - but a symbol of how Rwanda is focusing on the future by forgetting the past of the genocide wars.  The Rwandan Peace Baskets are hand woven by the women of three ethnic groups, the Twa, Tutsi and Hutu.  The baskets are offered as gifts of love and peace.  Lynhurst Body Products, LLC will offer decorative Rwandan Peace Baskets along with 4 and 2 ounce jars of twenty21one.  A portion of the proceeds will be returned to the widows of Rwanda so that they may care for the basic needs of their families. AVAILABLE NOW.

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