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Foot Care Kit

Foot Care Kit Foot Care Kit
Foot Care Kit

Using the Pomice Stone removes dead and dry skin from the bottom of problematic feet.  This dead,dry skin is also the cause of that annoying odor when we take off our shoes at home, or worst yet, when visiting friends and family.  I find that it is best to use the Pomice Stone after showering or washing the feet in warm, soapy water.  Wet stone and rub rough areas in a circular motion, applying light pressure.  Rinse the stone during and after use to clean away residue.  A white powdery substance may appear on the stone due to water conditions.  This does not affect the stone and will be removed by rinsing for next use.  Apply twenty21one freely, remembering that a little goes a long way.  I find that my feet are soft and odor free for aproximately three to four days, depending on my activity.

Suggestion:  Mixing Avacado Oil or Aloe Vera Oil with twenty21one to enhance the moisturizing experience.

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