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Shea Butter Product

Fact of Shea

Shea Butter comes in two forms, refined and unrefined.  Unless chemiclally altered, refined shea butter has little to no healing benefits.

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Project Rwanda

Lynhurst Body Products, LLC has joined Project Rwanda. Rwanda is still struggling with the effects of the genocide wars of the 1990's. It has been recognized that the Rwandan region is extremely suitable for growing coffee beans. The mission of Project Rwanda is three-fold; Project Rwanda

1. Bring awareness to the plight of the region through cycling;
2. Nation building and;
3. Help the farmers earn a fair wage for the commodities grown and exported out of the region, namely coffee.

The Rwandans transport the coffee beans to market via the coffee bike. I have pledged to make donations towards the purchase of coffee bikes. The founder of Project Rwanda has also formed a professional cycling team, the first of its' kind in the region.  The team has all ready began training and has participated in a number of international races. For most of them, it is there first time flying, so this is an experience they will never forget. In the short time of the team's formation, they have been recognized by the cycling industry as a strong, serious contender. The goal set for the team is to represent Africa in the Tour de France.  As an average but, avid cyclist, I am aware of the cost associated with cycling teams and will make contributions in an effort to support their mission within Project Rwanda.

I compare the coffee beans of Rwanda to the diamonds of Sierra Leon.  While the coffee beans sale at record breaking prices in the United States, the Rwandan farmers are not paid a fair wage for their product.  I'm a big coffee drinker and cyclist, so it seemed natural to get involved with Project Rwanda.

Young man on a coffee bike
Young man on a coffee bike
A sea of coffee bikes
A sea of coffee bikes
Team Rwanda and PR Founder
Team Rwanda and PR Founder
Kids in Rwanda
I love this picture.  It's hard to imagine, with everything that's going
on around them, they can still manage a smile.

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