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Shea Butter Product

Fact of Shea

A high percentage of shea butter is mixed with edible chocolate in the USA and around the world.

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Shea Butter Classification

The American Shea Butter Institute (ASBI) classifies shea butter as one of the following grades; Grade A, B, C, or F.  Where Grade A is considered Premium Shea Butter, Grade F is a poor quality. It is very important to note that Grade A is ideally suited for the best results as it relates to the" 21 Reasons To Use Shea Butter", as well as a number of other healing benefits not mentioned here.  Grade F shea butter has little to no healing benefits and should be avoided.  If you are in need of a moisturizer, you should consider less expensive natural products such as cocoa butter or mango butter.  The ASBI encourages consumers to look for shea butter certified by the American Shea Butter Institute. Certification by The ASBI's will assure you that the shea butter you're buying is High Quality Premium Shea Butter retaining its' natural moisturizing and healing powers.


In the US, some alter their shea butter in an attempt to give it a better fragrance and texture. Others alter shea butter for economic reasons. These alterations may disturb, or in some cases destroy, the natural integrity of the product. While altered Shea Butter may smell nice, or when mixed with less expensive ingredients may cost much less, in many cases the altered shea butter has lost significant properties. Another problem the buyer must watch for is the age of the product. shea butter could be as much as two to three years old or older by the time it reaches the buyers hand.   We know that as shea butter ages the original clinical potency and healing power is also lost. We recommended that shea butter is used within 18 months from the date of extraction from the seed. To avoid these problems be sure to look for shea butter that has been certified by the American Shea Butter Institute.   My goal at Lynhurst Body Products, LLC is to provide the highest quality shea butter available so that you and I experience the full benefits and healing power of this all natural product.

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