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Shea Butter Product

Fact of Shea

All shea butter, except that used in edible products, can enter the USA without government evaluation, testing or import standards.

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Why twenty21one

Unrefined, 100% Pure shea butter is a superior moisturizer containing remarkable healing properties for various skin conditions.  CERTIFIED GRADE A shea butter is the highest quality shea butter available on the market.  The results of using a higher quality shea butter is a better moisturizing and healing experience.  It has been proven that low quality shea butter can do more harm to the skin or prolong healing.

twenty21one is UNREFINED, 100% PURE, LAB CERTIFED GRADE A SHEA BUTTER, tested for the highest healing properties and very special ingredients ideal for healthier skin.  twenty21one contains the vitamins and nutrients absolutely mandatory for healthy skin.  Because of the abundance of moisturizing activity and healing nutrients, twenty21one is in a unique class as a stand alone, multi-purpose, personal skin care product.

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